Want to volunteer?

Brave Heart has many volunteers serving in the ministry. There are many opportunities in different fields, so please get in touch with us if you would like to join!



Brave Heart has a large operation in Meheba Refugee Settlement in Zambia. Several times a year teams travel to Meheba. There are also possibilities to stay some months. These are the main areas to serve in:

Health work

Joining our dedicated staff at Hope Clinic working alongside them, encouraging them and refreshing them – doctors, nurses, lab-technicians, dentists, midwifes, etc.

Childrens work

Joining our loving staff at Hope Children’s Home, giving our children there much love and care. Doing children programs and outreaches in the camp. Teaching about child protection, etc.

Agriculture and poultry

Joining our dedicated staff in the entrepreneur program, expanding and developing our projects within agriculture through our recent planting of moringa trees, vegetable gardens, and chicken projects. Come and join us see food and business grow!

Christian ministry

Joining our spirit filled staff sharing God’s healing power and peace to those who have experienced too much evil in this life. Nights of hope – outdoor meetings ministering hope and healing and sharing the good news of the gospel. Bringing God’s light in to the darkness.



Twice a year Brave Heart has a team that ministers in Uganda, in Kampala and in Rwamwanja Refugee Camp on the boarder to Congo. Join to minister within trauma healing and restoration, worship, conflict resolution and entrepeneurship.



Several times a year we have a team traveling to the Brave Heart Center in Dohuq. Due to the local situation and the character of the work there, these teams are not open for everyone. But if you have special competence with trauma care and are a kind and Jesus-loving person, do not hesitate to contact us!




At our head office and Brave Heart center, there are many opportunities to volunteer: People that can help us practically at the center, in the office, with transport and more. Contact us if you want to help!

At Brave Heart Mission Church we are currently looking for:

  1. Someone to help us make power-point presentations for Sunday services.
  2. Norwegian speaking men or women to help with children’s ministry and Sunday school
  3. Two solid men and two women that can be “pastors”out in the cafeteria during church services. Many stay behind out there when the service starts, and many come because they need prayer, or someone to talk to. Sometimes we also need help to keep things calm out there. Come and help if you can.
  4. Sound technician and musicians for the worship team.
  5. Church secretary


We hope to hear from you – post(a)bheart.no