Brave Heart trauma center, Kurdistan Iraq, is closing down

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March 13, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Brave Heart trauma center, Kurdistan Iraq, is closing down

Dear friends, we hereby inform that


Brave Heart has served Yazidi women and children through the trauma centre in Dohuk since 2015.

It was with heavy heart the board of Brave Heart had to conclude that due to long term lack of funding, it was no longer possible to continue this work from Feb 2018.

We want to thank all of you who have supported Brave Heart in Kurdistan the last years in different ways. Together we have served some of the bravest women in this world and helped them come back to life after having suffered indescribable evil in the hands of ISIS. Thank you for every kind donation, prayer and support. Thank you to those of you that have traveled there to serve with us.

A warm and special thank you goes to our project leader Gry who pioneered the project, and to our dear team in Iraq. They have strengthened and cared for the women week after week, and done a great job. Through them big and small miracles have happened at the centre.

Thank you also to the good people we have met in the Ministry of Health, dr Near, dr Luma and dr Melody especially, and to all who have stood with us. And thank you to God for the love He pours out into our hearts so we can pass it on to all in need.

Brave Heart continues to care for traumatized refugees. In Meheba Refugee camp our trauma program is weekly helping many women, and men, deeply traumatized by another genozide, the genozide of Rwanda and the ongoing brutal killings in DR Congo. We have a team there that is sacrificing a lot under harsh conditions to help and care for them. These refugees are severely traumatized, and tucked away in a remote refugee camp where no media writes about them, and they feel forgotten by all.

We are there. If you would like to stand with us in helping them, we would be very honored.

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A few more words for the especially interested:

Brave Heart has had local and international staff there who have sacrificed their own safety and comfort to help. Our project leader from Norway, Gry Tangstad went to live there alone in the beginning to get the center up and running. In the middle of challenging war times in the area, getting security updates on SMS and having a run-bag ready. Our local team has been there caring for the women, giving healing love across cultural, traditional and linguistically challenges. We have had volunteers coming to help from Norway and Sweeden, all paying their own fares and stay. And we worked long hours, and given all our strength into raising funds and speaking about the project in order to find support to keep it running.

Unfortunately have all these efforts not resulted in sufficient funding. The Norwegian Government who supposedly promote “helping in the area to avoid refugees coming here”, have not contributed anything during this whole time, despite high level contact, much media coverage, awards and publicity, and despite the Kurdish authorities calling our program the best and only efficient trauma care program in the area. (!)

After having heavily subsidized this project, squeezing other projects throughout this time, and emptied all the reserves, the board had to take the heavy decision to close down.

We looked for someone else with more funding to take on the center so that the girls may continue to get help. At least for some months the local church where our 3 former employees belong, have said they can run a new center under a new name in the same facilities, with the same staff that has been trained and authorized to use our program. We are very grateful for this, and have donated all equipment and everything we had to them.

Please stand with us in praying that God may open new doors of funding for them, so that the work may continue. That restoration, hope and peace can continue to be given to the brave Yazidy women and girls who have suffered so much.

Thank you.