Bravest, sweetest women on earth! 

Lovisa, en skatt på jord
October 3, 2017
Lyst å være med på noe historisk?
October 6, 2017

Bravest, sweetest women on earth! 

Can’t explain how precious this is:
10 young girls, and 4 little children who have all been prisoners of ISIS – now at our Brave Heart Trauma Center. Healing their tired hearts, receiving love, care and help to slowly establish new hope together with our kind and very brave staff!

Turkey, Iraq and Iran are threatening to invade Kurdistan and many aid workers have left. But our brave women are still working at our center in Kurdistan, breathing with the girls, listening, comforting and together finding each ones’s unique way towards future and life after having survived hell.

Bravest, sweetest women on earth!
This photo from yesterday is so precious!

Thanks all of you kind people who care and help send money so we can do this job, we couldn’t do it without your help. And they really deserve it. And need it.

We are together!