Grateful for all God has done these 4 years in Uganda!

January 7, 2018
Livgivende hjelp til glemte flyktninger
January 17, 2018

Grateful for all God has done these 4 years in Uganda!

In Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, a camp with 70 000 refugees who have fled terrible atrocities in Congo:

200 pastors from more than 40 churches in a pastor circle have had Brave Heart conferences 3 days 2 times a year for 4 years – learning practical trauma care, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, love, tolerance, unity and world mission.

100 women who have experienced severe traumas have had 3 day Trauma care and entrepreneurship conferences 2 times a year for 4 years. With practical trauma healing and exercises they do at home and teach their neighbors.

300 children have twice a year had a day with encouragement and consolation after terrible things, they have Gad songs and prayer, good food with MEAT(!) and balloons and joy!

We have had Nights of Hope, outdoor meetings with local bands and singers, messages of hope and invitation to come to Jesus and get eternal life in freedom.

We have cooperated with Light if the World Evangelical Church, and bishop Safari Akili. His wife Sarah works with us and the program we will continue is the trauma care for women through her(Uganda) and Marit Louise Grønvik (Norway)

We could never have reached so many if it were not for our wonderful Ugandan partner. We are very grateful for all they have done, and pray that God will remember and bless them!

Our program of pastors and women’s training will now be discontinued, but trauma care for women will continue.

Thank you to all trainers who have traveled with us to impact the community of Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement:

Jean Kabengele (Zambia/DRC)
Pastor Sagesse (Zambia/DRC)
Odila Madiamba (Zambia/DRC)
Zaza Lima (Brazil/Spain)
Helen Suizu Norheim (Norway)
Marit Louise Grønvik (Norway)
Felipe Gomez (Colombia/Norway)
Bishop Safari Akili (DRC/Uganda)
Sarah Safari (DRC/Uganda)
Allan Otim (Uganda)
Mapendo Nice (DRC/Uganda)

Thank you to all! You have impacted this community, comforted and healed, inspired and challenged, raised up and transformed many lives. Your fruit will last!

We are grateful and thank all who will pray and support the trauma care project that is coming in Uganda. Stay connected!

Thank you Uganda!
Thank you dear refugee friends!
Thank you MORE Africa and Light of the World Evangelical Church!
Thank you, kind wonderful life giving God!

We are together.