Photos from Meheba, march 2018

Photos: The Ansgar students in Meheba!
February 27, 2018
Thank you to donors helping Didi go to school
March 13, 2018

Photos from Meheba, march 2018

Here are some photos from the last weeks in Meheba refugee camp:

Brave Hearts head medical doctor, Steinar Taksdal, visiting our clinic in Meheba:

15 employees at our clinic treat between 1000 – 1400 patients every month. Unfortunately we no longer have an ambulance, so some patients arrive at the clinic too late to be saved:

Kind ladies in Norway have made teddy bears for the children:

Stephen Kaumba playing with children outside our clinic:

Progress photo of our new children’s home:

Children from the childrens home and a bag of peanuts:

A boy with fire damaged hands. He will probably need treatment at a hospital outside Meheba:

Our farming project includes a field of beans:


You will find more photos on our Facebook page