We are thanking our nurses

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September 21, 2017
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October 3, 2017

We are thanking our nurses

We are thanking our nurses who were cleaning the dirty feet of many people last Friday.

Please look closely at the pictures and you will see, many have Jiggers, and the nurses have to meticulously take out one and one larva and egg. And try that it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t bleed. But imagine what an inhuman feeling it is to have your body full of larvas and eggs….

In this way we show how valuable each person is, how much Jesus is bowing down to meet us right at our need and raise us up as dignified persons. Loved and respected.

JESUS at work at our Hope Clinic, the free clinic we run in Meheba refugee camp in Zambia. We don’t have any big sponsors to run it. It’s a miracle that we have enough money every month. And the patients get good quality medical help and medicine free of charge. So if you want to join and be one of those who help us run the clinic, please come in and help. Click on the link below. Thanks if you will.