Yvone’s story

Bli fadder for et av våre barn i Meheba!
September 1, 2017
Plass til flere
September 20, 2017

Yvone’s story

Yvone is a Congolese girl aged 18 years, and stays in Meheba refugee settlement in Zambia, where she was born after her parents fled war from DRC. 5th born in the family of 10, Yvone has lived the rest of her life as a refugee in Zambia where life has never been well with her.

She takes one meal each day together with her 4 youngsters and their usual meal comprises of maize nshima with vegetables and once in a while they have village chicken as relish. Her 3 elder sisters together with her elder brother could not make it to school because of no funds and have all left the refugee camp to go and search for greener pastures, which proves fruitless because they are not educated. Yvone says she does want to live a life like her elder sisters but rather wants to learn and become a teacher. She should have finished her grade 12 last year but most of the time she misses class as she goes in the bush together with her very poor parents to burn charcoal for sale and also to go to the fields to work for food. She also sometimes go with her youngsters to search for locusts and mice for relish in the bush.

Yvone admires other girls when she sees them with new clothes and shoes, especially during Christmas holidays, but unfortunately her poor parents cannot afford buying her new clothes, she usually move barefooted as she keeps her very old pair of shoes for school together with a fade up set of uniforms which she said she worked for it 2 years ago. Despite her zeal to learn, life has never been so easy to her, she regrets that most of her age mates have finished school but she always see her doors closed because of lake of funds to continue learning. However Yvone still stands on her dream to become a teacher

Leaning against the walls of her muddy grass thatched house during interview, Yvone said she wish if her father had good health could work harder to sponsor her to school but unfortunately her father went through much torture in DRC and until now he can’t lift heavy loads. Yvone calls upon well wishers to sponsor her to school.

Help sponsor a child, so we can help children and teenagers like Yvone.

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