What we do

With our new name, Brave Heart, we want to focus even more on raising people up who have lost much, who have been stepped upon, both refugees, people who have been tortured and other people in need. We want to make their hearts brave again. And we will challenge people to raise up from the sofa, to get to know the love of God, and follow Jesus bravely into all the world. Life is so short, and we do not live for ourselves anymore. Now is the time to go.

We want to give His extreme kindness to those who are experiencing extreme evil. To remind people that they are not alone and not forgotten, and to make peoples hearts brave to raise up and concquer evil with good.

Our primary fields of capacity are trauma care, development and mission. Our head office is in Elvegata 7 in Kristiansand. And in addition to the more than 50 employees the ministry also engage many volunteer experts within the various fields. Brave Heart is growing, and we work in Uganda, Zambia and Norway.



Brave Heart runs trauma care and training for men and women who have survived attacks from rebel groups and others in DR Congo. They now live as refugees in Uganda, in Rwamwanja camp and in Kampala under very poor conditions. We have groups for women and provide training in entrepreneurship, trauma help, conflict resolution and missionary work to around 800 people each semester.


Brave Heart has an cooperation agreement with Zambian health authorities and operates a free clinic in Meheba Refugee Camp, where 19,000 refugees from many African countries. We have more than 40 staff in the camp and run trauma assistance, entrepreneurship training and a school sponsorship program. We have an outdoor cinema, an orphanage, music project and an agricultural project within the camp. Doctors and other professionals travel with us on a voluntary basis and support our local employees in the work.


Brave Hearts headquarter is located in Kristiansand, where the Brave Heart Center also includes activities and measures for refugees, asylum seekers and others who want a “kindness place” to come to. We run SPA for tired refugee women, have physical training and trauma assistance, as well as Norwegian lessons, free food delivery, a second-hand shop, and Sundays we have free dinner and service in English at the same place. In Trondheim we also have a SPA for refugees and now start worship and community there as well.